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So my life has been flipped up side down. its been hard for me to stand back up. But i have to say if it wasn't for my friends i would be nothing. I have to say that even though mikey and i are done. I almost couldn't be happier. I mean i love him to death.. but right now i am finding really good ppl to hang with and just be happy. There are so many things i can do. And not have to stop and think about him. Now i would be lying if i said that i didn't think about him every day. But my friends keep me in line and bring me back to were i need to girls know who you are. I love you guys with all of my heart. And i have so much love for all of my friends. old and new. I hope that gods plan works fast. I know he has one. I just don't like waiting. I think it will be good just to get away. fresno is starting to really sux big time... but i love the ppl here.someone please tell me that i am going to be alright
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