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and its still rocken

I just got off of work and i am so tired. But i am still up. Tonight mikey asked me when was the last time i went to bed at 12...and really i can't think of a time. But i would never take back these last few weeks. I have met some amazing people. We are always having so much fun. Its total madness.kevin came back into town.He wont be here for long. But its good to see his face again.I had lunch with cicely today and it was good times. I always have so much fun with her. I really feel that i could be so crazy infront of her and she would just laugh at me.In a good way. I freaken love my friends. My life has changed so much. And it has a lot more space to grow.I can't think too tried. and rico and cic are fighting lol i love those two. so if i keep writing more it just not going to make since
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