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rico wrote this. i could do nothing but smile and laugh

Feb 8, 2006 12:12 Am
Subject: if your up late and bored
Body: So today I went to the market and purchased some fruit for lunch. Apricots, plums, and nectarines. I wasn't too familiar with the procedure for buying fruit so I had to ask a lady that was near by looking for some good vegetables. I think that she was probably a mother. You know I can't say for sure that she was in fact a mother because I don't think I've even ever seen her before. I mean perhaps I once passed her by driving on the highway or gave her a high five when I was strolling in the park but certainly I didn't know her personally. You can just tell sometimes you know? They just have this motherly kindness about them. I dig it. Anyways I had to ask her if I had to put the fruit in seperate bags or if they could all go into one. She was glad to help me and even generous enough to share a nice smile with me. It turns out that you have to put them in different baggys because they are priced differently (imagaine that!).
So as I proceded to the check out I saw two children playing peek-a-boo around this small magazine rack. The little boy and the little girl would hide on opposite sides of this rack (it was square in shape) and run out on the same side. When they saw eachother they would just laugh and laugh. I think their laughter was the color of rose pink, I don't know why but it probably was. I laughed a little bit too but i don't think that they noticed me. Every time they ran out from behind that rack they would be so very suprised and thrilled to see eachother. Every time. Over and over again. I thought to myself that it would be great if I was still that eaisily entertained or excited about something so simple. But you know what? Sometimes I do feel such innocent joy inside me. Seeing these kids made me feel it. I read about Jesus in the bible and the way that he loved people with a love so potent and pure that it turned worlds upside down. It still does today! I will vouch for that. I feel this joy when I feel this love and I see it everywhere and I feel this love when I feel this joy. Its like seeing things through a special magnifying glass that exposes love in just about anything real. Boy i'll tell ya. These kids just running around and playing was just about as real as it gets. Unlike the magazines they were running around.
So I had a great big smile on my face as I walked by them but you know what I heard when I had just passed them by? Do you know? hmm?
They're "mom" barked at them saying, "You two settle down right now!". They had to go stand still next to her and they're wonderful game was over. You know what I wanted to say right out loud too that lady? "I don't think that your kids are bothering anybody. You could learn something from them maam.". Were they causing a disturbance? no. Were they being naughty? no. I guess Just giving birth to a child doesn't really make you a mother because I didn't feel that same gentle motherly feeling from this lady that I felt earlier. I see a whole lot of parents like that unfortunately she just didn't understand. I think I would make a good mother.
So I left the the market and decided to visit my sweetheart. I would have lunch with her and save the fruit for later because I was overcome with love and hunger :). She works at a nice restaurant so I could get my fix for love and hunger at the same time. Sweet.
When I drove up to her restaurant I picked her a flower and brought it in to her because I knew that she would appreciate it. She did. When I gave it too her a girl behind gave one of those "awwwwwww" deals. I hope that her boyfriend cares about her enough to pick her a flower from time to time too. That is if she has one. She deserves that. I don't know her but I don't think that anyone doesn't deserve that.
When I was eating I read something in my book of a young girl that loved Christ so much that she actually chose death over the simple act of saying "There is no Jesus". I respect that. I think that girl could teach me a thing or two about love. and she did.

It sure was a sunny day wasn't it? Unusually warm too.

If you read all that I dont know why you did it, but im glad.
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