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friends are food for the soul

I have been getting no sleep around here. We are at steven house and i am finally going to sleep befor 6. but the funny thing is that i am not complaning. We have recently found some new friends. kevin and rico. the are good times. All of my firends have made me relize that mike and i's breaking up isnt the end of the world. but i do miss him alot. mostly at night. but i know that god has someone better for me. I really miss jayson . so if you see this know that i was thinking of you and hope you are well. P.S. your cd is really good. I think mb was way holding you back.Are you happy now?
But anyways being on the island is great and its nice to wake up and have an amazing veiw of the city. This is weird but i know that my life is going to change ...for the better. there is alot of things i have done that aren't in my best intrest.They are fun but i know i have to give them up.
Somthing i am finding is happiness.And i owe it all to my friends. they mean so much to me. Uts funny how you can stay up till 6am and be doing nothing at all.AT times the lack of sleep does get to are head and we do act goofy. but those are some of the best moments we can make.
there well be more to come. I can't wait tell we are gone to school and living on are own. And thanx to cic & her wonderful mom we have a great hang out. its just nice there . I get really good vibs from it. F* everyone who tell you different. I love it.
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